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Internet Monitoring Track employees web browsing activities Learn More. Track Application Usage Track employee computer usage on Windows applications. Internet Quota Set a quota for daily browsing limit. Application Blocker Block applications from launching Learn More. Email Report Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies.

How is InterGuard Different?

Learn More. Offsite Management Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network. Centralized Console Manage all your employees and computers from a centralized Console. Stealth Mode The CurrentWare client runs as stealth mode in the background. Easy to use. Install in minutes. BrowseReporter - Employee Monitor. You may want to consider supporting employee devices as well to monitor their mobile activity. Always consider the different types of monitoring features an employee monitoring application offers.

For example, how much do you want to control your employees' internet time? Will you allow them to surf the internet during breaks and lunches, or not at all? Are there some websites that your employees need to access in order to do their jobs and help your business grow?

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Some software applications allow you to select times when the internet or sites are blocked and times they're not blocked. Most applications also allow you to create user groups, each with their own rules and permissions.

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  • Blocking disruptive sites and creating customized permissions for specific groups is one way that business internet software can help increase your productivity. Also consider the specific areas of computer activity you want to track. The most comprehensive programs keep detailed logs of the websites your employees' visit and the applications they use, along with emails, online chats, keystrokes, created and downloaded files, print jobs, inserted devices, and even their physical locations when they're on company devices.

    You may not want to keep such detailed tabs on your employees, but make sure that the software covers everything you need to monitor. For example, software that is strictly focused on filtering web content, such as ContentProtect, usually won't have all these features.

    Employee Monitoring Software

    If you do opt for a full suite of features, they are usually customizable, so you can choose what to record and in how much detail, as well as when exceptions are in order. Pay attention to how software's reports and notifications work. It should provide regular reports at the intervals you choose with easy-to-read statistics and visual breakdowns of employee habits. For more detailed information, though, you'll need extensive notification options, and the best software gives you control over when and how you are notified.

    For instance, you may choose to be alerted if an employee downloads a document online or tries to access a forbidden website. Since notifications alert you to specific occurrences and reports give you a staff-wide overview, you'll get the most out of your software when you use both options together. If you travel a lot and manage your network and employees remotely, then you want remote access to your internet filter data. In addition, make sure your office web monitoring software includes automatic archiving. You never know when you may need to review an employee's internet history.

    Consider choosing internet filter software that will record your employees' online searches and take screenshots of their monitors. These can come in handy if you ever find yourself in litigation with a disgruntled employee and need to back up your claims.

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    • The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 12222!
    • Good internet filter software should be intuitive to use and not leave you in the dark if you have questions. The best programs have visually appealing interfaces that clearly lay out all your options without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. Administrative users should feel confident using the software, with a good grasp on all your monitoring options, after just a few minutes of clicking around. In case you do have issues, though, you'll want to go with a company that is easy to reach.

      It's ideal to have help options via phone, email, live chat or online ticketing, though even some of the best companies only offer one or two of these support avenues. Live chat is typically the fastest way to connect with a representative. Some companies charge you extra for ongoing upgrades and support after the first year. You can forgo this option, but you'll run the risk of operating outdated and possibly insecure software without help from the manufacturer.

      Fortunately, most companies have extensive self-help resources on their websites that you can always refer to, such as how-to guides, video tutorials and FAQs pages. Our first step in reviewing employee monitoring software was to examine an extensive list of vendors to see which companies were still in business, how they stacked up in terms of user reviews, and whether they had any glaring complaints or issues filed with the Better Business Bureau.

      We also examined their websites to get a sense of what their solutions entailed. From there, we selected a pool of finalists from which we would determine our best picks. To determine our best picks, we studied each program's list of features more closely, ensuring that it offered all the most important features, as well as more advanced features that would give administrators more insight or control over employee activity.

      We also downloaded free trials so we could test the software for ourselves and determine usability.

      SniperSpy Remote PC Monitoring

      We also compared pricing and put ourselves in the shoes of a small business on a budget. Most employee monitoring software companies are transparent with their pricing and post rates on their websites.

      However, if you have a lot of employees, most companies encourage you to speak with a sales representative for custom pricing. Look for the following discounts as you compare costs:. While monitoring employees' emails seems like an infringement of privacy, the U.

      5 Best Computer Monitoring Software For 12222

      Supreme Court ruled in that it is legal for companies to monitor employees' actions while they are on the clock or using company equipment, including laptops, pagers, USB drives and mobile devices. However, there have never been any regulations on the type of programs companies can use to monitor employees.

      This means you can use programs that monitor keystrokes and capture passwords; however, there is some ethical controversy surrounding whether these features should be used. While the federal government doesn't place restrictions on employee internet monitoring, some individual states have protections in place. An increasing number of states require employers to notify their workers if they monitor online activity, including emails and keystrokes. You can disclose this within the employee handbook or as part of the new worker orientation, or simply send out an email reminder to employees.

      You can choose to run employee monitoring software in either stealth mode or transparent mode. Stealth mode, also known as silent mode, means that your employees cannot see that they are being monitored. Good monitoring software runs unseen and undetected by employees.

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      Transparent monitoring is when your employees can see the surveillance program on their computers. Employee tracking software is designed to be installed on multiple computers, including an administrative station. However, for this type of program to work, you must first turn off your firewall.

      Track4Win - Employee Monitoring, Anti-Internet Abuse and Time Tracking Software for Windows

      The firewall is turned back on once the installation is complete. This punctures a hole in your security system, making your network vulnerable to viruses, Trojans, spyware and other threats. A word of caution: Many employee surveillance programs look legitimate but are really viruses in disguise.

      While it may give you keylogging and password-capturing capabilities, it also collects this information behind the scenes to sell or use to breach your company's security measures. We did extensive research to ensure the legitimacy of each of the programs we reviewed. However, since most of these programs work around your firewall, it is still possible for other threats to pass through undetected.

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      Another important consideration is how you'll deploy the employee monitoring software. There are two options: on-premises and the cloud. On-premises is the most common option and is offered by every program we reviewed. This means that you'll host the software and the data it collects on your own server. An on-premises solution requires more IT knowledge and can take longer to set up. Many newer computer monitoring solutions offer cloud-based deployment.